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Thai National Assembly President stayed Jinglan Exhibition H

Jinglan Exhibition Hotel on December 14, 2012 afternoon, the Thai parliament stay chairman and team members held a large welcoming ceremony.

To meet the Thai National Assembly chairman and team members Jinglan Exhibition Hotel General Manager's rehearsal ahead of organizational units, while Group Company early deployment of a good vehicle to the airport waiting to greet VIPs. In accordance with the reception plan, when the pick-up team arrived at the hotel, security guards commanding fleet parking, porter opened the door and timely follow-up luggage, dance team played the welcome song, greeter jump Huanyin dance for VIPs send good wishes and welcome garland. Each department manager to direct the flow of the services sector employees, and successfully lead the VIP check in hotel rooms.

16:30 Jay Group, the group leading the Tourism Development Company Limited Li VIPs visited the hotel room and the conference room antique and warm introduction an overview of the entire hotel. After a series of visits and conversations, both sides Boten dining rooms in the hotel dining, the Ministry produced a high quality chef crafted dishes. After your meal, Thai National Assembly President and the main entrance to the hotel team members Jay with group companies, the Group and the Tourism Development Company Limited Li Jinglan Exhibition Hotel staff posed for pictures, the last pair to tell King West Village to visit.

Through this reception work, showing Jinglan Exhibition Hotel already has advanced the strength of transnational conference reception service, reception plan in a short time and in accordance with the hotel features full show, once again raised Jinglan Exhibition Hotel visibility.

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